Monday, May 3, 2010

Sweet Party

Welcome to Brinley's Candy Shop!!! For my daughters 4th Birthday we had a “Sweet Party.” I had so much fun with this theme, down to the smallest details come with me through a recap of this fun filled day with a definite sugar high;)
The pot was old and the paint was chipping so I had the idea to brighten it up for the party. I also added the lollipops that I made with tissue paper, cake rounds, a dowel rod, and ribbon.

The handmade ice cream cart!

More candies that I made along with the lollipops, they turned out so cute!

Cake made with a giant cupcake pan.

Welcome, the bags had an apron, a hair bow, and necklace for each guest.

I made the banner out of a bunch of inevpensive fabrics.

Happy Birthday!!!
A last Minute project... An old picture, the cricket, modge podge, and a couple of minutes got me this cute little sign! I made each one of the girls a hair bow.

Fun little game that consisted of tossing rings over lollipops that were stuck in the ground.
The party favors, ice cream bubbles.
They said "You're so sweet to share this day with me!"

The shirt hand made by my talented mother.

Community Cake
This ice cream cart started out just a thought and a few pieces of wood. I wish I would have taken more pictures as it was being made. It turned out so cute and the kids LOVED it!!! The front is just an old picture frame and we cute out a magnetic board, sprayed it with chalkboard paint.

Each of the boys got a brightly colored shirt with their names on them.

The Boys, aren't they all so adorable:)

Pretty Girls!

Birthday Girl

Candy Buffet
Ice Cream Table
Aprons Mom Made
Play Ice Cream In the Ice Cream Cart


  1. WOW! Now that's what I call a birthday bash!!! :)
    AMAZING all your attention to detail!

    You can "see" the love! :)

    Thank you for linking up to my Link Party, and please don't forget to place the party button on your post so others can join us too, ok? :)


  2. Stopping by from New Friend Friday - I love the ice cream cart! How did you make it? Was it hard?