Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Centerpieces for under $1

A friend asked me to make centerpieces for an end of the year music recital so my mind started racing with ideas until she told me her budget $0-$10 mind you this was for one serving table and 30, yes 30 serving tables. That is impossible RIGHT??!!

My community is still being built so I took my WONDERFUL husband to the dumpsters and had him diving for items we could use. YES, he does think am a bit out of my mind but he plays along. I found some empty paint cans, and some Styrofoam, I guess I should say “my husband found” them. So all I had to buy were the sheets of scrapbook paper & EVERYTHING else I had just lying around.

Look what we came up with…

With the cans I covered them in paper and tied a ribbon around them. I used the big cans for the serving table and the small for each individual table.

I took and cut up the Styrofoam into rectangles, spray painted them black, added glitter, and then attached the wording.

They ended up costing me NO JOKE…...$0.25 per centerpiece. NOT BAD!!!


  1. This turned out cute, you'd never know they cost so little. Love the combos of papers and ribbon in black and white. Styrofoam, huh? Clever!

  2. Now that is cute! What a great reason to go dumpster diving!

    Thanks for sharing at My Backyard Eden!

  3. Very cute!!!! they don't look like they cost that little!
    Happy FF, Hope yo visit me at novicemommie.blogspot.com