Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Case of the Missing Cheerios

Case #ABC

The date was April 24th, 2010 when a faint giggling sound was heard in the upstairs master bedroom. At that approximant time the two children of the house were to be having quite time so I, the detective, went to investigate and here is what I found...

A FULL family sized box of Cheerios had been dumped and spread over the entire bedroom. I question those at the scene and fingers were pointed in all directions. I had to crack this case. Who was the instigator, who got the box out, and who decided commit this heinous crime?

After much intense interrogation, I finally got a full confession from one of the culprits, Brinley got the box out from the upstairs food storage closet and Owen committed the crime. Because of her full confession I let her off easier and made her help clean the awful mess (which she promptly fell asleep doing.)

However the ringleader got a more severe punishment he was put behind bar for the next few hours (okay just so you know it was nap time, he did fall asleep he didn’t just have to serve out his sentence awake;)

I was able to salvage the remains of the bedroom (thanks to a good vacuume!!!)

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