Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dear Justin,

While you were at school I decided it would be nice to spruce up the home a bit with a few new decorations. I know that that is not the number one priority, especially on your list, however I am feeling quite crafty right now and needed an outlet. And I can explain…

It started out as a mess trying to figure out what I wanted to do, but don't worry its all clean now! Here is what I did...

Do remember the counter top before? It was a little bland...

But now doesn't that look much better?

How about the Armorie, wont it be much more aesthetically pleasing to watch TV now?



And this .50 plate look what could be done with this...

A little modge podge and ready to go!

What do you think about a chalkboard dinner menu? I think I may need mom to make me one permanently!!

So what do you think?

Now I wouldn’t be so quick to blame me for all this spontaneity you can blame Beth the creator of The Stories of A 2 Z blog. She really is a bad influence on me, I already have 3 more project for the upcoming days. With her around our home may just become more fun to look at, the nerve. One more thing you should know, I only spent $40 at Hobby Lobby and I used a lot of things we already had so that’s defiantly a bonus.

I do know dinner isn’t ready yet and the last load of laundry isn’t folded and put away but I can order a mean Chinese take out and we could enjoy it our newly revamped kitchen. What do you think?

Your Devoted Wife

Now to see if he even notices;)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Play Closet

The term play closet may sound strange to many people especially when they hear bits and pieces of a conversation with my kids. An example “Mom can I go play in the closet.” Yes, it sounds a bit bizarre however I have found that the smaller the space the better for children. Brinley could hangout with Grandpa under a table with a blanket over it forever.

Plus as much as we love our home it is starting to feel a little small already and with no end in sight we have to make every nook count.

We have had a vision of a fun filled, organized, colorful, educational, ext. you know a dream space since we moved in. With the help of my parents, my grandpa’s company, my uncle Doug and Justin here is our attempt (its nice to know people.) I shouldn't forget IKEA without you I would have had to work a lot harder to create. THANK YOU, THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR HELP!!!





We still have a few finishing touches I will post later.

I am having a hard time deciding what to do with the door. We bought a solid wood door to make a homemade Dutch Door and now I can't decide what color to paint it. Blue, black and white checkers, yellow? The possibilities are endless, I will sleep on it for a few more days.

Savers Monday

I love Savers not only can you find good deals you can find AMAZING deals. Each price tag has a different colored... purple, green, blue you get the idea & every Monday one of those colors is on sale for a whopping .99 cents. This past Monday it was the blue tags and boy were the blue tags good to me. For under $20 I found these beauties...

I am so excited to get started turning other peoples trash into my treasures!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Hello my name is DaNell I live in a cute little house on the West side of Phoneix with my 2 kids and hard working husband. I am living the American Dream... home, cars, kids, husband, you know all the fixings of a perfect life. However I have dreams that cost more than we make.

You see my husband is one of those do gooder types that wants to make a difference in the lives of children so insteed of chasing GREEN he is teaching World History and Religons at a near by High School. It has been such a growing experience these past 7 years trying to stay on budget but allowing me too stay home with my kids and allow creativity. There are days when mac & cheese may even cost too much for us and other days when we will jump in the car on the way for steak and potatos. I have succesfully managed $20 a week for grocieries for months on a time, I have dressed my kids for pennies, and I am now trying to create a DREAM home on a teachers Salary, come with me!