Friday, April 23, 2010

Hello my name is DaNell I live in a cute little house on the West side of Phoneix with my 2 kids and hard working husband. I am living the American Dream... home, cars, kids, husband, you know all the fixings of a perfect life. However I have dreams that cost more than we make.

You see my husband is one of those do gooder types that wants to make a difference in the lives of children so insteed of chasing GREEN he is teaching World History and Religons at a near by High School. It has been such a growing experience these past 7 years trying to stay on budget but allowing me too stay home with my kids and allow creativity. There are days when mac & cheese may even cost too much for us and other days when we will jump in the car on the way for steak and potatos. I have succesfully managed $20 a week for grocieries for months on a time, I have dressed my kids for pennies, and I am now trying to create a DREAM home on a teachers Salary, come with me!

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